BLUE RHYTHM SANDWICH will be on hiatus for the winter of 2018/19, during which time we'll be working on adding to our classic rock and blues repertoire, as well as a few new original songs, to share with our friends and fans!
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"One Of Those Days"
"All Mama's Children"
"That Train Don't Stop Here Anymore"
"Venus" & "For Your Love" (mini-medley)
Links to videos of songs sung by Leigh or Lyall:
Links to videos of Bob's songs
Dave, Leigh, Bob, Lyall
Libra Studios, NYC, January 2018
Photo Credit: Chris at Libra Studios
Photo Credit: Randee
Dave, Leigh, Lyall, Bob
The Ivory Pub, CT, November 2017
"Cruisin' For a Bluesin' "