The VIDEO tracks below, also available on YouTube, include Leigh singing "One Of Those Days," and "Spoonful," and Bob singing "That Train Don't Stop Here Anymore, " "All Mama's Children" and "Slippin' an' Slidin'," as well as a mini-medley of "Venus" (Leigh on vox) with "For Your Love," (Lyall on vox). Many thanks to our wonderful friends and fans for sharing them with us, so we can share them with you!
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Listen to "Fallin' "
Listen to "Jump, Jive, n' Wail"
Listen to "Flat Foot Sam"
Listen to "Just A Little Bit"
Listen to "Back At The Chicken Shack"
"One Of Those Days" / Desmond's / August 11, 2017



"All Mama's Children" / Desmond's / August 5, 2016
"That Train Don't Stop Here Anymore" / March 24, 2017
"Venus" & "For Your Love" (mini-medley) / March 24, 2017
Below are BLUE RHYTHM SANDWICH AUDIO tracks on SoundCloud, which include Leigh singing "Fallin' " and "Jump, Jive, n' Wail," and Bob singing "Flat Foot Sam" and "Just A Little Bit."  There's also a blues instrumental entitled "Back At The Chicken Shack."  All the audio tracks were recorded at Stardust Studios in Queens, NY.
Music: Video & Audio tracks
"Cruisin' For a Bluesin' " / Desmond's / July 13, 2018