The duo BlueBird consists of
Leigh Harrison and Bobby Perfect.
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BOBBY PERFECT is a lifelong musician and composer of numerous instrumental music pieces.  He has played throughout the US, and in Europe in bands where he played guitar and/or bass.  His college band, Good Neighbors, opened for NRBQ on several occasions.

Bobby plays 6-and 12-string acoustic and electric guitars, and bass guitar, and has been playing in bands since childhood.  He has performed at numerous venues throughout the New York area, including The Back Fence, The Bitter End, and The Red Lion, in Greenwich Village, as well as The Scotland Yard Blues Bar in Hoboken, N.J.

He has worked with numerous bands, including the Night Owls, Blue Fuse, The Blues Blazers, Lonesome Valley Riders, and Blue Rooster Pie.

He currently plays lead guitar and sings with the band Hot Strings Cafe, the Smoky Parlor Boys, the Backporch Pickers, and the duo, BlueBird.  He played lead guitar and sang harmony with the band Bokum Road in CT.

Bob composed the guitar instrumental heard in the opening and closing credits of the Poet to Poet TV show, now on You Tube.  Bobby has released two CDs on the SongCrew label: "Light Blue" and "Shackles."

LEIGH HARRISON is a lifelong composer, and a songwriter with two CDs released by SongCrew Music:  "Eclectic Chanteuse" and "Oh, Wow!"  She plays 6- and 12-string acoustic and electric guitar, Dobro, banjo-guitar, percussion, and African flute.  She first sang when she was young, in a circle of women hosted by Janis Joplin in Janis' attic in San Francisco.  Over the years, Leigh met or spent time with Jimi Hendrix, Jerry Garcia, Johnny Winter, Malvina Reynolds, Koko Taylor, Ronnie Earl, Phil Lesh, and Muddy Waters, among others.

Leigh has written songs since childhood, and had written over 100 songs by the time she was in her 20's, in styles as diverse as pop, rock 'n' roll, country, blues, rockabilly, Western swing, jazz, Ladino, reggae, and classical.  Her voice was described in the 1980's as "whiskey with a shot of honey" by noted rock press photographer Russell Reif. Leigh has played with Jaco Pastorius, Moogy Klingman, and numerous rock, pop, country, and blues bands.

Leigh is also the author of numerous poems, and her four poetry collections ("Tour De Farce," "Our Harps Upon The Willows," "Finding Sermons In Stones," and "From A to Zeus") are available wherever she performs.  Sample songs from Leigh's earlier CDs ("Eclectic Chanteuse" and "Oh, Wow!") are on this website.  She is currently recording her third CD of original songs, and produced the 2nd concert in a series of concerts called "Babes On Board," held in NYC, which featured female-fronted bands.  She also works with Bob in the band, Hot Strings Cafe.

Bobby Perfect's website
Leigh Harrison's website
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The two met in the mid-1980s while playing gigs and jam sessions in the Greenwich Village area.
They performed around the city with the King Biscuit Blues Band, then formed a combo called Jukebox Jamboree -- Leigh, Bob, Zebra (drums) and Steve Zavack (bass) -- which featured Leigh's country-styled vocals.

A second incarnation of Jukebox Jamboree featured Leigh, Bob, and George Roberts (drums) and Alan Allen (bass). Jukebox Jamboree played in the NY/NJ, area for several years before the band members moved on to other projects.
About BlueBird
photo credit: Ellen Iovino
Leigh and Bob have also performed together at various times in the Night Owls, Magic Mechanism, Jukebox Jamboree, the Cheyenne Social Club, Bokum Road, Blue Rhythm Sandwich, and Hot Strings Cafe.  Currently, they work both in BlueBird, and ire busy finishing BlueBird's 2nd CD.

BlueBird was on hiatus from touring while preparing the release of their first CD for SongCrew Music, under the auspices of SongCrew and Harrisonic Music.  Their first CD, entitled "BlueBird At My Window" includes a selection from among their favorite songs as well as an original by Leigh.  To see the CD, go to the Music page of this website.