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Welcome!  This is the website for the 5-piece band, BLUE RHYTHM SANDWICH.  It has Bios, Pix, and Video Links for the band, which is based in NYC.  BLUE RHYTHM SANDWICH plays blues, rock, country, pop. RnB, classic rock, rockabilly, and originals.
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From left:   Aaron, Bobby, Leigh, Lyall, Dave at Neir's Tavern, Woodhaven, NY.
Photo Credit:  George Schillinger
Band members of Blue Rhythm Sandwich (L to R): Bobby, Dave, Leigh, Lyall, and Aaron, after a performance at Otto's Shrunken Head, in NYC.
Blue Rhythm Sandwich performing at Desmond's Tavern, NYC --
(L to R): Bobby, Leigh, Lyall, Aaron, and Dave.
Photo Credit:  Jay Byrd
Photo Credit:  Su Polo
where:  Desmond's Tavern
               Park Avenue & 30th St., NYC
when:   Friday, June 16, 2017 / 11pm - 12mid.
               Friday, July 14, 2017 / 11pm - 12mid.
               Friday, Aug. 11, 2017 / 11pm - 12mid.
Many thanks to those of you who came to see us at the recent Babes On Board event!  We'll be posting videos from that night soon.
We also have some fan videos from other shows to share with you.  We've posted them on YouTube.  To watch, click the links below....
Blue Rhythm Sandwich (L to R): Bobby, Leigh, Lyall, Dave and Aaron, on April 15, 2016, at Desmond's Tavern, NYC.
Photo Credit:  Madeline Artenberg
"Red Hot Kisses" / May 2016
"Spoonful" / May 2016
"Slippin' an' Slidin'" / April 2015
"All Mama's Children" / August 2016
Blue Rhythm Sandwich (L to R): Bobby, Lyall, Dave, Leigh and Aaron, on Feb.,24, 2017, at Desmond's Tavern, NYC.
"That Train Don't Stop Here Anymore" / March 2017