* * *
BLUE RHYTHM SANDWICH coalesced into a band in 2012, out of the NYC blues jam scene.  Leigh Harrison (vocals, guitar, percussion) and Bobby Perfect (guitar, vocals) had been playing as a duo for many years, and had worked together in numerous bands.
Both Leigh and Bob had occasionally played with Aaron Comins (keyboards, sax) during that time.  At NYC's watering hole, Local 269, which hosted blues jam sessions, they all met Dave Gerstein (bass) and Lyall Croft (drums), who shared their love for the blues, classic
rock, country, pop, R'n'B, and rockabilly.  All the photos show Blue Rhythm Sandwich during their rehearsals at NYC's UltraSound Studio or AM Rehearsal Studios, or at live performances.
Dave, Aaron, Leigh, Lyall, and Bob at a rehearsal on August 23, 2017 at UltraSound Studios in NYC.
Photo Credit:  Jeff West