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Below is a photo from our Make Music America Day show on June 21, 2021 in Old Lyme, CT.
We were honored to be part of the same event along with:

Braiden Sunshine, Marcy Conway, Midnight Anthem, The Moving Target Band, The Nightingale Fiddlers, Not My Wife, the Old Lyme Town Band, Plywood Cowboy, Welcome To Space, Whiskey & Aspirin (and friends), Woodsmoke, and Dan Stevens!
Here are some pix of the band at recent shows.
L-R: Carl Garbe, Leigh Harrison, Sherrill Farkas, Bob Perfetto
Hot Strings Cafe at Joe's Filling Station, Cromwell, CT July 17, 2021
L-R: Sherrill Farkas, Leigh Harrison, Bob Perfetto, Don Snyder
Make Music America event, June 21, 2021 Old Lyme, CT
Photo credit: Lisa Allen Thompson
Photo credit: SongCrew
L-R: Bob Perfetto, Leigh Harrison, Carl Garbe, Sherrill Farkas
Hot Strings Cafe at La Vita, East Haddam, CT Sept 5, 2021
Photo credit: Kathleen Watson